Lawrence County employees will see an increase in their healthcare coverage

BEDFORD – The Lawrence County Commissioners are faced with deciding to pass healthcare insurance costs on to their employees.

According to Miles Parker, of Parker Insurance Group, the county currently has healthcare insurance coverage through Anthem.

But due to an increase in major medical claims the county can no longer afford to stay with Anthem after a significant premium increase.

“The bad news is we are facing a difficult year,” added Parker. “But there are several options to find savings.”

The commissioners will choose between two healthcare options.

IU Health will allow a $2.5 million limit with a savings of 47 percent and United Health Care will allow a $3.9 million cap with a 41 percent savings.

Dustin Gabhart

“A great majority of our employees use IU Health,” added Commission Dustin Gabhart. “Including myself.”

Parker added currently about 97 percent of the employees use IU Health for their health coverage.

Rodney Fish

“We are thinking of our employees and their benefits packages. We are under budget limitations,” added Commissioner Rodney Fish. “We will continue to review and take this matter under advisement and have a decision at the July 5th meeting.”

Those with questions or concerns can contact the County’s Human Resource Director Travis Sanders or Miles Parker at Parker Insurance.