New Indiana Body Camera Grant program

INDIANA – The Indiana Department of Homeland Security soon will begin accepting applications for a new Indiana Local Body Camera Grant (ILBC).

The ILBC program provides matching grants to city, town, and county law enforcement agencies to support body-worn cameras. The matching grant funds may be used only for the purchase of body cameras and may not be used to purchase video storage equipment or services. Only one ILBC grant application will be allowed from each law enforcement agency.

The grant program targets two priority funding areas:
1) Agencies using the program to implement a new body-worn camera initiative (up to $800 per full-time officer), and;
2) Agencies with an existing body-worn camera program (up to $400 per full-time officer).

The application period is expected to begin on Jan. 17. All applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. ET on Feb. 18, 2022.

All applicants must be registered with the IntelliGrants system before applying. Visit the IDHS Grants Management page for complete information and instructions on registering with IntelliGrants.

Law enforcement agencies are encouraged to review the Notice of Funding Opportunity before applying. For complete details on the program, including eligibility and matching requirements, please review:

Notice of Funding Opportunity for the Indiana Body-Worn Camera Grant program.

For more information, including questions about pre-registration with IntelliGrants, submit your questions to the Grant Management support ticket.