Lt. Gov. Crouch, IHCDA approve CreatINg Places funding for 2022

INDIANA – Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch and the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority’s (IHCDA) Board of Directors announced a $1 million investment in the CreatINg Places program for 2022.

Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch

“We are excited for another great year of the CreatINg Places program,” Crouch said. “To date, 58 Hoosier counties have had at least one campaign and we hope to continue to reach counties that have not yet developed a project in the upcoming new year.”

Since 2016, CreatINg Places campaigns have raised more than $5,722,000 in public funds and an additional $4,713,400 in matching IHCDA funds for projects in communities across the state. Creative placemaking is an innovative approach to community development and when combined with crowdfunding, provides a unique opportunity for community engagement. With the support of Patronicity, organizations, cities, and towns have been able to build online fundraising campaigns and with IHCDA’s matching funds make critical improvements in public spaces. Projects have included community gardens, parks, alley activations, playgrounds, trails, murals, plazas, community kitchens, river walks, markets, incubators, and maker spaces.

IHCDA Placemaking Manager Ryan Hamlett

“It’s difficult to state just how impactful this program has been in its first five years,” said IHCDA Placemaking Manager Ryan Hamlett. “Each project has turned an underutilized space into a vibrant community asset. CreatINg Places is a testament to what can be accomplished when Hoosiers work together to make incremental improvements to their communities and I can’t wait to see what we help bring to life in 2022.”

Bridget Anderson, Director at Patronicity

“We’re proud to continue to support communities in leveraging the pride residents and businesses have in their communities and help be a catalyst for additional economic activity,” said Bridget Anderson, Director at Patronicity, “We look forward to helping communities innovate, tell their story, and build more vibrant communities!”

The program is available to projects located in Indiana communities. Non-profit entities (with 501c3 or 501c4 status) and local units of government are eligible to apply.

Eligible projects must have a minimum total development cost of $10,000, where the recipient will receive $5,000 in IHCDA matching funds should it successfully raise $5,000 through Patronicity. IHCDA will provide matching grant funds up to $50,000 per project. Once funded, projects have one year to complete their project.