Indiana Crisis Response and 9-8-8 Lived Experience Survey

INDIANA – On Oct. 17, 2020, the National Suicide Hotline Designation Act of 2020 was signed into law, to “transition the cumbersome, existing 10-digit National Suicide Hotline to a universal, easy-to-remember, 3-digit phone number and connect people in crisis with life-saving resources.”

The Family and Social Services Administration Division of Mental Health and Addiction has been tasked with overseeing the planning and implementation of the 988 hotline number in Indiana. As part of this charge, DMHA is also looking to increase the number of mobile crisis teams and crisis stabilization facilities across Indiana, with the goal of giving Hoosiers experiencing mental or behavioral health, substance use, or suicidal crisis more options and a better experience when they reach out for support and/or relevant resources.

FSSA is inviting individuals with direct lived experience in crisis situations to complete a brief survey, linked below, about the new 9-8-8 hotline number and crisis response services in Indiana. The agency is requesting feedback from Hoosiers who will be using behavioral health crisis services or people who are in need of behavioral health crisis services across the state of Indiana. This information will help determine how Indiana develops the approach to serving individuals facing mental or behavioral health, substance use, or suicidal emergency and build a crisis response system that you can trust and depend on.   

The survey should take no more than 11 minutes to complete and is available by clicking here.

Contact Chris Drapeau, PhD, HSPP, DMHA state suicide prevention director, if there are any questions about the survey at   

This survey was completed in partnership with the Indiana Recovery Council.

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