Commissioners vote to be READI Community participant

BEDFORD – The Lawrence County commissioners granted Shance Sizemore, of the Lawrence County Growth Council’s request to declare  Lawrence County a READI Community participant.

Lawrence County will team up with Radius Indiana, a regional partnership representing eight counties in Southwest Central Indiana and Regional Opportunity Initiatives (ROI) whose goal is to advance economic and community prosperity in the 11 counties of the Indiana Uplands by advanced industry sectors, regionalism, transformative school, and workforce redesign, and placemaking strategies.

The Indiana General Assembly has allocated $500 million to Indiana’s Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI). 

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) released guidance and a timeline for READI. Regions must identify themselves by July 1 and regional development plans are due by August 31.

Additionally, federal recovery and infrastructure legislation will bring billions of dollars to Indiana, and with them the opportunity to center community economic development in rebuilding a stronger and more equitable state. This includes more than $3 billion allocated to Indiana for State & Local Fiscal Recovery funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. These funding streams are two unique opportunities impacting communities’ work.

Sizemore told the commissioners the next step is begin planning and submit an application for funding. Once the application is accepted they hope to receive funds.