Orleans Police Department reminds residents that neglecting their pets could lead to criminal charges

ORLEANS – The Orleans Police Department is reminding residents that neglecting their pets could lead to criminal charges.

As the season changes it’s important that pet owners make preparations to care for their animals during the summer months.

All animals need shelter from the direct sunlight and plenty of fresh water. Water should be in shaded areas as well so as not to become too warm to drink. Warm water does not provide relief to an animal in hot weather conditions.

Town Marshall Richard Dixon

“Remember animals feel fear, hunger, thirst, and heat just like we do,” added Town Marshal Richard Dixon. “The Orleans Police Department will be observing for neglected pets as the seasons change. Please remember neglect and cruelty to animals to animals are criminal offenses.”

The Orange County Humane Society will assist if you need a doghouse or shelter to protect your pets when you don’t have resources of your own. It is also important to keep long-haired animals groomed to avoid overheating in the summer months, added Marshal Dixon.

“Also please remember the Humane Society when making donations as they operate on a very limited budget,” said Marshal Dixon.