Emergency Management assists area organizations prepare for emergency situations

BEDFORD – Emergency Management Director Valerie Luchauer shared with the commissioners Tuesday morning that there was an accident during the John Hartford Memorial Festival at the Lawrence County Recreation Park.

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Valerie Luchauer

“Both Seals and IU LifeLine ambulances were at the event and handled the situation,” Luchauer added. “It is nice to know we had both Seals and Lifeline to make sure the whole weekend was staffed.”

Four people were injured when a golf cart crashed when coming down a gravel hill at the park.

According to Luchauer two suffered serious injuries and were flown from the scene via medical helicopter, and two suffered less serious injuries and were transported via ambulance to local hospitals for treatment.

It is the responsibility of emergency management professionals in public health to prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and recover from an emergency. The dynamic process of emergency management involves planning, training, drills, and coordinated activities.

Prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery are the five things Emergency Management does for their community.

A hospital emergency operation plan’s six key elements are communication, resources and assets, safety and security, staff responsibilities, utilities, and clinical and support activities.

Luchauer worked with St. Vincent Dunn Hospital staff on Monday conducting emergency exercise drills.

“We learned a lot and made some improvements,” she added.

Luchauer will be working with the Lawrence County Healthcare Coalition to do more emergency exercise drills at the end of the month.