Sen. Braun asks Senate to pass Simplify, Don’t Amplify the IRS Act

WASHINGTON – Thursday, Senator Braun went to the Senate floor to ask unanimous consent to pass his Simplify, Don’t Amplify the IRS Act, which would stop the Biden administration from growing the power of the IRS.

This bill would stop attempts to target Americans and small businesses by snooping in their bank accounts, credit union accounts, and Venmo, Paypal, and CashApp.

This bill would also:

  • Repeal the Democrat ban on cutting state taxes
  • Hold IRS employees accountable when they release private taxpayer information
  • Ensure that the IRS spends its time helping taxpayers rather than on unofficial union activity.

This bill will immediately:

  • Add value for the American taxpayer
  • And help restore faith to a dysfunctional government agency that affects every American.