Several requests made by Bedford Police Chief during Board of Works meeting

BEDFORD – The Bedford Board of Works met at the StoneGate Arts and Education Center for their regular meeting Monday afternoon, to discuss updates to policies and changes to roadways with Chief Terry Moore.

Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore

Chief Moore discussed the installation of Handicap parking signs at 1720 K Street for an elderly citizen to help make it easier for her to get to her vehicle, at the request of her daughter Patty Sanders. The board approved the request.

The next request discussed an issue with the crosswalk near 1401 L Street. Jim and Becky Buher have witnessed motorists ignoring the crosswalk lights and have requested the crosswalk be painted for motorists to adhere to. This was also approved.

Next, Chief Moore made the request to hire Sarah Haluda as a new officer to the Bedford Police Department after passing the necessary requirements needed. With recent resignations, Chief Moore needs to fill the vacancies to fulfill the needed requirements of the department. The board approved the request.

The last request from Chief Moore to the board, was to accept a new SOP Promotion Process Policy for the department. His goal is to allow this policy to be easily accessible to all police officers in the department. This was approved.