Couple arrested after officer spots woman wanted on a warrant

BEDFORD – A couple was arrested Friday when a Bedford Police officer spotted a woman who was wanted on a warrant enter a residence in the 1010 block of 16th Street. 

The woman, 39-year-old Samantha Carver, was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear.

Samantha Carver

Carver is the girlfriend of 39-year-old Ryan Hensely who police say was also wanted on a warrant for petition to revoke.

The officer knocked on the door. The officer could see Carver talking to a, male inside, but could not tell if it was  Hensley.

Carver exited the residence and shut the door behind her, locking it. Carver was detained and escorted to the police car.

When asked if Hensley was inside, Carver first pleaded the fifth amendment but then changed her mind and admitted he was. She was not sure if Hensley was armed. 

Officers formed a perimeter around Hensley’s apartment and applied for a search warrant for the residence. Judge Cline granted the search warrant. 

Officers knocked on the door and announced their presence. Officers could see Hensley through a window enter a bedroom. Officers breached the front door and ordered Hensley to surrender with his hands up. Hensley exited the only bedroom inside the residence and began walking toward Officers attempting to smoke a cigarette. Eventually, Hensley slowly exited the residence and he was taken into custody. 

Officers conducted a protective sweep of the residence to ensure no one else was inside. Officers located a green and black handgun with no or an obliterated serial number, lying on the bed of the room Hensley exited. Officers also located multiple firearm parts and rifle magazines inside the living room. 

Due to the fact that Hansely’s inability to own a firearm and the potentially obliterated serial number on the earlier found handgun, officers then applied for another search warrant for the residence for any firearms, firearm parts, accessories, or any ammunition. The search warrant for the residence was signed and granted again by Judge Cline.  

Officers executed the search warrant and found a clear plastic bag that contained crystal meth, eight THC vape cartridges in the living room, and a digital scale containing meth residue in the bedroom. Both of these areas were occupied by both Hensley and Carver. 

Officers also located a black and green handgun inside the bedroom. The frame did not have a serial number and it appeared that the frame was scratched or altered in multiple different locations. The handgun did have a full magazine inside the firearm, however, no round was in the chamber. Officers also located a disassembled AR-15-style rifle under the bed. It did not have a serial number and the firearm had been painted to cover up any markings. Officers located eight ProMag 5.56 X 45 AR-15 style magazines, one AR-15 style magazine, loaded with an unknown make, and three loaded RWB Glock magazines for a 9mm handgun. The loaded AR-15 magazine contained 21 green tips 5.56 rounds and the three RWB Glock magazines contained 49 rounds of 9mm combined. Officers located one magazine for a .22 long rifle, along with (36) .22 long rifle rounds, one .22 magnum round, and a small key. During a search of the residence, officers located multiple firearms parts, that would be used to complete both an AR-15 style rifle and a Glock style handgun. 

Both Carver and Hensley were transported to the Bedford Police Department for booking and then the Lawrence County Jail for housing. 

Carver faces additional charges of possession of meth, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Hensley faces additional charges of possession of meth, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and obliterating identification marks on a gun.