Commissioners will hold a public hearing to address the request to vacate a right of way on Old State Road 37

BEDFORD – The Lawrence County Commissioners on the advice of County Attorney Dave Smith will hold a public hearing on May 24th before the commissioners’ meeting to address public concerns on vacating a right of way on Old State Road 37.

According to Lawrence County Surveyor Corey Allen, Brad Hawkins is asking for 0.111 acres of right of way so he can have a setback for the construction of buildings.

Hawkins will take over drainage issues and take over any maintenance that is needed.

However, according to County Attorney David Smith before a vote can take place on the proposal there first needs to be a petition filed in the auditor’s office. This was completed by Hawkins’ attorney Eric Koch. Also this must be advertised and a public hearing must be held which is now scheduled for May 24th.

In other business:

Emergency Management Director Valerie Luchauer gave an update on the Lawrence County Healthcare Coalition which sponsored a Full-Scale Exercise Drill at Mitchell Manor on April 27-29th Wednesday.

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Valerie Luchauer

“We conducted 13 different drills over two and a half days, 44 students from Mitchell COSMOS participated,” she added.

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Rodney Fish

Commissioner Rodney Fish also participated in the drills. He suffered an injury from a ricksha bullet.

“If you have never participated in one of these drills it is pretty exciting,” Fish added.

Luchauer is now preparing for a Hazmat drill activity scheduled for June.

Interm Highway Superintendent Brandi Webb reported highway crews are cutting brush, patching potholes, and mowing.

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Brandi Webb

Paving county roads will begin on June 1 in District 2 then crews will move to District 1 and then District 3.

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Sheriff Mike Branham

Sheriff Mike Branham reported the jail is at 73 percent capacity this morning with 132 inmates, of those 111 were male, 21 females, seven Level 6 felons, eight Department of Correction holds, and one parole hold.