City of Mitchell made decision on former Dana Building during Monday meeting

MITCHELL – The Mitchell Council met in a regular session to discuss invoices and dealings within the city Monday evening.

An invoice owed to Midwestern Engineers Inc. was discussed by the council of $18,225.84 in part with the Asset Management Project. The council voted to approve the payment unanimously before moving on to the business of the old Dana Building at 901 W Frank Street.

Former Dana Building at 901 W Frank Street

The concern from the special meeting on Wednesday, March 30th was whether to sell the building or continue to lease space available to businesses and non-profits currently in the building as well as those who want to use additional space. The issue with selling the building is the potential of forcing companies like SilverStream out of the property with new ownership.

The council voted to continue to lease the building, and with council members Nathan Jenkins and Perry Reynolds, the council will look into figuring out the current rate to rent/lease space of a building like this, to ensure a fair rate for the leases.

Scott Smith

The council then listened to Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission member Scott Smith on information about the proposed Shell Building in Mitchell. The purpose of Smith sharing the information is the benefits that having a building of this design can have on the Mitchell community.

Having a Shell Building in town would attract more businesses, as they won’t have to construct the building themselves. The City Council took the information and will continue to look into a partnership with Lawrence County on the building.

Proposed options shared to the commission during the February 13th meeting

Lastly, the Council wants to remind Mitchell citizens about the animal law in place, which includes picking up feces of pets quickly and keeping them on a leash when applicable. Violators could face issues with Police Officers enforcing these laws, and if they deem it necessary a possible fine.