IU Health Bedford designated Dementia Friendly

BEDFORD – IU Health Bedford Hospital is proud to announce its designation as the first Dementia Friendly hospital in Indiana by IU Health Community Health Alzheimer’s and Dementia Resource Service (ADRS).

IU Health Bedford Hospital Chief Operating Officer Larry Bailey

“Helping people living with dementia feel more comfortable and supported while at our facility is important to this team,” said IU Health Bedford Hospital Chief Operating Officer Larry Bailey. “The fact that they achieved this designation goal during a pandemic just showcases that dedication they have, and I couldn’t be prouder of this group.”

The ADRS provides support, resources, and assistance to those living with dementia and their families. Their Dementia Friendly designation program trains organizations within the community on how to interact with and assist individuals living with dementia.

Diana Matthews, CDP, ADRS Project Director

“Social isolation has been linked to increased risk for heart disease, stroke, depression, and anxiety,” said Diana Matthews, CDP, ADRS Project Director. “Our goal is to help these individuals are comfortable going out in public and socializing, so they can continue being active in the community.”

She applauded IU Health Bedford’s efforts and reported that 86% of team members had completed the Dementia Friendly training. The training will also be offered to new hires when they join the team.

Training for IU Health Bedford was a change for the ADRS team, who typically work with non-healthcare companies and organizations.

“There are a lot of potential interactions between patients or visitors and any one of our providers or support team,” Matthews explained. ” Through this training, the hospital team gets to know a little more about dementia and how they might recognize a person has a cognition issue. They also learn how to respond appropriately and help the individual successfully navigate the healthcare system. It creates a better experience for anybody receiving health care in our buildings.

Learn more about the ADRS at https://iuhealth.org/in-the-community/south-central-