Martin Luther King Jr. march set for this Sunday

BEDFORD – The 33rd annual Martin Luther King Jr. march will be held on Sunday, January 16th at the Lawrence County Courthouse starting at 2:00 p.m.

The event will begin with remarks by Clarence Brown before handing it over to this year’s special guest speaker Pastor George Hamlin from the Seymour First Church of God.

The group will march around the square in Downtown Bedford where everyone will then travel to Dive Christian Church located at 892 Peerless Rd in Bedford for the afternoon service.

Clarence Brown during a previous Martin Luther King Jr. March

“When we press forward and put things we have conquered behind us, it is important to remember that more challenging things will be coming and we will need to conquer them together,” said Brown. “We can’t stop working or it will be lost and forgotten, we need to work together to reach the plateau that God has put out before us.”

Brown has worked in the community for over 30 years and knows that now is not the time to stop doing what he loves most, bringing the community together.

“I don’t feel in any ways tired. I am not tired of the real goal of bringing people together in love. The world has become so individualized that it forgets what the real goal is, coming together in love. That is what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for and that is what we will continue to do at this event.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

The biggest takeaway from this year’s march is whether or not people are truly changed by the day’s events in loving everyone they come in contact with.

“I hope that someone in our community who has come to the march or who will be at the march this weekend will make the difference in love by allowing themselves to change their mind on someone who wronged them and instead change how they feel about that human being.”

The march is set to represent bringing everyone together in love and respect for one another, and that is Brown’s biggest goal.

“I want all of Lawrence County to be at this event. Mitchell, Oolitic, Judah, Springville, Williams, I want them all to join us in love and remembrance of what this march represents. That is my goal because this is the cause that is going to last. People go to Football and Basketball games in droves, but what happens? These games end, this cause will last forever.”

“The Constitution says ‘We the People’ and it proves that we need to continue in doing what is right and working together in love.”