Health Career Expo offered High School Students face-to-face opportunity

MITCHELL – The Health Career Expo at Mitchell High School Wednesday offered students the opportunity to learn more about the medical field, during an in-face setting.

The students in attendance were given a one-on-one experience to ask professionals in the medical field pressing questions related to specific areas of interest.

Students were greeted by staff on hand and signed in before entering the cafeteria

The expo began in the cafeteria where the available experts took turns explaining their decisions on how they became involved in the medical field as well as peak interest in their specified profession.

Emily Webb with Hoosier Uplands, host of the event, shared the importance of having an event like this for high school students who are intrigued by becoming doctors or nurses.

Students listening to the speakers during the beginning of the event

“This event is great because it does offer students that one-on-one experience, where they can gain the necessary knowledge of specified areas, with experts in that field,” Webb said. “We have stations set up for the students to get the opportunity to ask pressing questions they may have in regards to a field that interests them the most.”

The expo is typically held in a more relevant setting like a hospital but due to continued issues with COVID-19, the event had to be held at a safer location.

Emily Webb giving instruction for the days events

“Hospitals are still dealing with the ramifications of COVID-19, so today’s event had to be at a safer location. We chose Mitchell High School because of its centralized location between IU Bedford and IU Paoli,” said Webb. “This allowed us to spread everything out and have a safe and socially distant experience, while also offering the needed information for the students.”

The expo offered insights into the fields of Nursing, Behavioral Health, Community Health, and Allied Health from field experts covering a variety of topics for students to learn from.