Bedford City Council makes reappointment and money transfer decisions in 2021’s last meeting

BEDFORD – During the Bedford City Council meeting, council members were tasked with multiple agenda items including reappointments and money transfers.

The meeting saw the third and final passage of the salary ordinance for 2022 as well as the collection of the administration fee for the Bedford Urban Enterprise Association.

The first reappointment was for City Council President which was held by Judy Carlisle. The council unanimously voted to keep Judy in that role moving forward.

Judy Carlisle

The reappointments for the Redevelopment Commission of Judy Carlisle and Penny May, along with the Zoning of appeals reappointment of Matt Parker, and the Plan Commission reappointment of Adam Chastain and Craig Turpen were all approved.

The Bedford Urban Enterprise Association is looking for a new appointment, following the resignation of Harold Turner as Board President.

Police Chief Terry Moore

Next on the agenda was Police Chief Terry Moore’s request for a transfer of funds for new body cameras and in-car computers for Bedford Police officers. A total of $57,000 will be used for this update as the current equipment has become outdated and needs the update. This was approved by the council.

Next, Clerk-Treasurer Marsha Pfeiffer made the request to transfer $6,000 to pay Baker Tilley for services to help get documents in order for the upcoming state audit. The organization will help go through documents piece by piece for the State Board of Accounts. This was approved by the Council.

Lastly, the updated Conflict of Interest for employees who may be present in a situation that could render their services in aid of another entity, other than the City of Bedford was acknowledged by the council, before adjourning.