S.R. 37 northbound to shift across median, new ramps to open near Henderson Ford Road

MORGAN CO. – Drivers should watch for changing traffic patterns on or after Thursday, Dec. 2 near State Road 37 and Henderson Ford Road.

Northbound S.R. 37 traffic will shift back across the center median onto the new pavement, restoring divided traffic past the Egbert Road overpass. S.R. 37 remains two lanes – one in each direction – with a reduced speed limit for local traffic between S.R. 144 and the S.R. 37 closure in Martinsville.

Future SR 37 access map at Henderson Ford Road

With the traffic shift, the new Henderson Ford Road interchange will open and S.R. 37 access to Ennis Road will close permanently. The temporary S.R. 37 signal at Ennis Road will be removed.

The three new entrance and exit ramps opening to traffic are:

  1. S.R. 37 northbound exit ramp to Henderson Ford Road
  2. Henderson Ford Road on-ramp to S.R. 37 northbound
  3. Henderson Ford Road on-ramp to S.R. 37 northbound

Drivers should watch for Henderson Ford Road on-ramp traffic merging into S.R. 37, which is one lane in each direction.


Henderson Ford Road traffic should expect to yield to roundabout traffic using the new entrance and exit ramps. Roundabouts are planned at six of the eight I-69 Finish Line interchanges and include concrete aprons to accommodate large trucks.

To learn more about how roundabouts improve safety and traffic flow for the I-69 Finish Line project, watch the below video.

New access roads

New service roads are opening along S.R. 37 in Johnson County and southern Marion County to maintain local access for intersections that I-69 construction is closing. Travis Road, Stones Crossing Road, Olive Branch Road, Bluff Acres Drive and Bluffdale Road access to S.R. 37 is now closed permanently.

East of S.R. 37, a new frontage road is expected to open on or after Wednesday, Dec. 1 north of County Road 144. It will connect with the section already open between Travis Road and Stones Crossing Road.

Johnson County access roads

Another new road is expected to open west of S.R. 37 on or after Wednesday, Dec. 1 connecting Wicker Road to Glenns Valley Lane. Shortly after the connector road opens, the S.R. 37 intersection at Glenns Valley Lane will close permanently.

Access road map

About I-69 Finish Line
I-69 Finish Line is the sixth and final section of the Interstate 69 connection between Evansville and Indianapolis. The project will upgrade the existing S.R. 37 to interstate standards between Martinsville and Indianapolis.

Governor Eric Holcomb’s Next Level Connections program fully funded the project and accelerated construction by three years. I-69 Finish Line is expected to open to traffic in late 2024, improving safety and reducing travel time.

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