North Lawrence Career Center shared updates at NLCS Board Meeting Thursday

BEDFORD – During the NLCS Board meeting Thursday night, Amy Redman and Steven McNabb provided the Board with updates to the North Lawrence Career Center.

As a part of the early college program that works in hand through BNL and the career center, students are able to get the edge when it comes to college.

“Our students are on track to earn over 1,000 credit hours through Ivy Tech Community College and over 400 credit hours through Vincennes University by the end of the school year,” said Redman. “We know in all of education, it’s all about dual credits and earning certifications, which the career center helps to provide.”

The certifications that students are able to attain through the Career Center include the American Welding Society Schools Excelling through National skills Standards Education (AWS Sense), National Institution of Metal Working Skills (NIMS), OSHA-10, CNA, CDA and Interindustry Conference on Auto-Collison Repair (I-CAR). All certifications are recognized in each industry.

“We have a lot of good things happening at the career center, we are very excited about the direction of our students, our staff and their enthusiasm,” Redman said.

McNabb proceeded to review the previous manufacturing week that happened in the last week of September and the manufacturing day on October 1st. Due to Lawrence County moving into the red status due to COVID-19, the event was held virtually.

“We had seven different schools, 11 industry partners and a total of 331 students participate in the event, with half of the students in attendance who are also a part of the career center,” said McNabb. “Several students were able to take advantage of this opportunity by learning about all of the opportunities available in this industry that are available in their own backyard.”

Events like the manufacturing week can open the doorway to students who are unaware of their interests or the opportunities that are available to them in this field.

“Some of the classes that we offer help increase the knowledge of what we do at the career center which is not only a benefit to the students, but it is also beneficial to us.”

Other schools that were able to participate in manufacturing week include Mitchell, Shoals and Orleans.