Bedford City Council approves multiple ordinances Monday night

BEDFORD – The Bedford City Council met in their regularly scheduled meeting Monday night to approve final passages of multiple ordinances.

The Council first discussed additional appropriations for the Police Department as well as additional compensation to K-9 Police officers. The Board also amended the overtime policy to include emergency call-in options to earn overtime. These were all approved by the Board.

There was also discussion to a street cut to repair a section of the sidewalk on N Street that is surpassing encroachment specifications. CenterPoint is tasked with the repair, however there is no specific timeline as of yet as to when it will be taken care of.

The salary ordinance was again on the docket for approval, with final passage coming in December. The changes will go into affect on December 1, 2021.

The final item of discussion was presented by Shance Sizemore President of the Bedford Urban Enterprise Association. He requested the authorization of the collection of administration fees for urban enterprise zones. These zones allow companies to receive additional tax benefits as a part of these zones. Along with receiving these benefits, they are required to pay fees to the local organization, in this case the Bedford Urban Enterprise Association.

President Sizemore requested the approval to collect the 1% collection fee, assuring that the companies remain compliant with the state association. This will not affect the businesses in these zones as they pay the fees already to the state. The board approved the request.