Highway crews prepare the Williams Covered Bridge for the annual dinner event

BEDFORD – The annual Williams Covered Bridge Dinner is Saturday, September 11th. Between 250 to 300 people attend the annual event. Lawrence County Highway crews will be working all next week to prepare the bridge and area for the event.

David Holmes

“There is a lot of graffiti that will need to be painted over both inside and outside of the bridge,” said Lawrence County Highway Superintendent David Holmes. “We may have to seal coat the road because there is so much graffiti painted on it.”

Contract paving continues and should be completed next week, weather permitting.

“We did have two days of delays due to rain,” added Holmes.

Highway crews continue to mow and cut brush.

“We have had some trees down the last couple of days,” added Holmes. “The volunteer fire departments do a fantastic job helping. It is a team effort.”

Commissioner President Rodney Fish agreed and praised the volunteer fire department for helping in times of need.

Work continues on Bridge 62 on Stonington Road.

“All of the walls have been poured and they will be pouring the deck this week,” said Holmes. “We are having a hard time obtaining concrete. They tell us to call back in a day or two when we call.”

Letters will be sent to residents near Bridge 150 on Mill Creek Road to obtain rights of way or access easements.

The contract for work on Bridge 172 on Slaughterhouse Road has been sent to INDOT for approval.

Emergency Management Director Valerie Luchauer reminded developers and contractors that when naming roads they first need to contact her office.

Valerie Luchauer

“Many times the name they have picked is already being used,” said Luchauer. “It is best if they contact our office first so that way we can assign an address.”

Luchauer and emergency response teams will be conducting an emergency response exercise on September 10th and 11th.

The first events will be held at the Mitchell Community Center from 9 a.m. until Noon. The second, a chemical spill exercise, will be executed at Lehigh Hanson from 9 a.m. until Noon.

Sheriff Mike Branham

Sheriff Mike Branham reported there were 150 inmates in the jail Tuesday morning, of those 121 were males, 29 females, three Level 6 felons, five Department of Correction holds, and one parole hold.

Sheriff Branham has completed the required Courthouse Security Plan and it has been submitted to the Superior Court for approval.

Mike Mathis, a local pastor, requested permission to use the area near the monument on the courthouse lawn on Saturday, October 9, from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. to read the United States Constitution.

“The Constitution has been challenged on all sides,” said Mathis. “This is a public reading and we will have 200 free copies to give away to those who attend. It only takes 42 minutes to read the Constitution from beginning to end.”

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