Oolitic Town Council addresses and prioritizes infrastructure needs for the town

OOLITIC – During the Oolitic Town Council meeting, Jon Broglin Town Council member addressed the council with the statement that he created a list of infrastructure needs for the water, wastewater, and stormwater issues throughout the town.

Broglin is working with Zac Bell, Street Supervisor, to prioritize the list of concerns that range from minor to major issues. A list of more than 60 items have been identified at this time.

Town officials have been in talks with the Southern Indiana Development Commission and Commonwealth Engineers to assist with grant funding that would address the created issue list.

In addition, town officials will vote on the American Rescue Plan ordinance. The town is expected to receive $240,000 and will determine what those funds will be used for once received.

Town of Oolitic has a new flag and logo that will be placed at the Town Hall

In other business the council:

  • Voted on establishing June 19th as a holiday for town employees in observance of the new national holiday, Juneteenth.
  • Voted on three stop signs at Meadow View and Vista drives and placement of a three way stop sign at the intersection of Oolitic Lane and Vista Drive.
  • Learned the stop signs have been ordered for 4th Street and Lafayette Avenue in Oolitic, and No Parking signs were ordered for 5th Street between Hoosier and Lafayette avenues. All homeowners have been notified about the placement of the “No Parking” signs along 5th Street . Yellow paint for curb painting has also been purchased.
  • No further information was available on the North Oolitic School building. Tim Stark is the owner of the building, however, Jon Broglin Oolitic Town Council member is acting on the behalf of Stark to apply for a grant in the amount of $3,000 for the study from Indiana Landmarks. Indiana Landmarks will contribute $2,500 and the Town of Oolitic will contribute $500 if the grant is approved. An Indiana Landmarks board meeting scheduled in July to approve the grant was canceled. Officials hope it will be again on the agenda in the August meeting. Town will consider condemnation proceedings, should Stark not work towards addressing concerns of building safety, and curb appeal.
  • Town of Oolitic may apply for a State Revolving Fund loan in the amount of $149,000 at 2 percent interest for the next 10 years to purchase new meters for the town’s 600 water customers. The town has also identified 35 fire hydrants that need replaced. Many of those hydrants have been in use since 1954.
  • Approved the purchase of two additional pumps for the wastewater treatment plant. Two 15 horsepower 230 volt pumps will cost $17,938, These are needed to replace pumps that have been used for 10 to 13 years. The normal life of a pump is 10 years. This will allow two new pumps and a back-up pump should one need to be repaired.
  • Approved amendments to an ordinance that will give the authority of the town council to hire a deputy marshal. The final passage of this ordinance will take place at a special town council meeting.
  • The town of Oolitic will start using salt only during snow removal starting this winter. The use of sand obstructs drains. The Town of Oolitic has declined to purchase the salt and sand from the City of Bedford since the town decided to no longer use the combination. The City of Bedford offered the salt and sand combination to the Town of Oolitic for $5,000 but the town had no place to store the excess.
  • Lawrence County Highway Superintendent David Holmes advised town officials he will patch or pave North and South Hoosier Avenue, and North and South Lafayette Avenue. In addition, the paper work is being filed to turn these sections of streets back to the town.
  • Oolitic Fire Chief Ted Maze wanted the town council to revisit the burn ordinance after receiving several complaints about open burning in town.
  • Any resident who may have old pictures of Oolitic buildings or businesses or of historical events is asked to take them to Town Hall to be used for a display at the Town Hall.
  • Residents are reminded not to place hazardous waste in trash containers.
  • A town flag with a logo will be placed at town hall. A swing, flowers, and other beautification efforts have been underway at town hall as well.