Indian Creek Township officials make no decision on Fayetteville School

FAYETTEVILLE – Indian Creek Township officials did not vote on the disposition of Fayetteville Elementary School Tuesday night.

Fayetteville Elementary School

“At this time we are just obtaining information, so we can make a decision that will benefit Indian Creek Township. That information being from the residents of Indian Creek Township and their thoughts and concerns, the information provided by North Lawrence Community Schools and Lawrence County Independent Schools,” said Gary Scherschel Indian Creek Township Trustee.

Indian Creek Township Trustee Gary Scherschel listens to comments.

Approximately 50 people attended the meeting held at the Indian Creek Township Fire Station. They asked questions, made statements, and gave input on the township taking ownership of Fayetteville Elementary School then signing it over to Lawrence County Independent Schools for their use.

The North Lawrence Community Schools have placed a reverting clause within the terms and conditions of both Perry and Indian Creek Township should the Lawrence County Independent Schools no longer want the school buildings.

In that clause, the debt of the Lawrence County Independent Schools will be taken on by North Lawrence Community Schools, and the building is given back to the school corporation.

The clause could be a major determining factor in whether Indian Creek Township will take on Fayetteville School.

Those in attendance Tuesday night asked township officials to keep the building as a school within the community.

Major concerns focused on if North Lawrence Community Schools would sell the schools and to who and what would the building be used for.

Residents of Indian Creek Township expressed not wanting the building to be used as a juvenile detention center, drug rehab facility, or section 8 housing, or any other use that could be detrimental to the community.

According to those attending, giving the school to Lawrence County Independent Schools would at least ensure the building remained a school.

The budget of the Lawrence County Independent Schools was scrutinized by Indian Creek Township officials.

Indian Creek Township Trustee Gary Scherschel informed those attending that in his opinion he did not feel a charter school is in the best interest of Indian Creek Township residents.

Scherschel said the decision on Fayetteville School will ultimately be made by the board as a whole.

Indian Creek Township officials left to right Bruce Reeves, Justin Leach, Diane Anderson, and Gary Scherschel

The township officials will be meeting with LCIS board members in executive sessions to ask questions and obtain more information. After that meeting, the township board will meet in an executive session to talk and then make a decision.

“At this time there is no timeline when this decision will be made, and we have an unlimited amount of time to make that decision,” said Scherschel.