Property Transfers: March 13, 2023

Filed March 3

  • Spyglass Hill Ventures LLC to Matthew S. Nikirk, Spyglass Hill Subdivision Sec. 1, Lot 24, .40A, Spyglass Hill Drive, Bedford, $50,000
  • T & S Home Improvements LLC to Billie Allen Wilson, 507 Crawford St., Mitchell, $199,500
  • Celebrations Investments LLC to Kevin W. and Tonya A. Burch, 3627 Dixie Highway, Bedford, $249,900
  • Cody R. Apple to Vanessa J. Irwin and Edward D. Clark, 506 Crawford St., Mitchell, $148,000
  • Rogers – Deckard LLC to Zachary S. Albin and Ashley M. Bullock, 2008 19th St., Bedford, $200,000

Filed March 6

  • Jamie L. Chastain and Christy R. Cooper, representing the estate of Roy E. Van Meter to John Paul Fishel, 280 Guthrie Bend, Bedford, $189,000
  • Dustin K. and Alyson L. Hayse to Evan and Guinevere Ogburn, 243 Meadowbrook Dr., Springville, $360,000
  • Jessica Staggs as Lawrence County Auditor to Aureola Wright aka Aureola Vincz, tax sale, 2112 G. St., Bedford, $2,600
  • Evan and Guinevere Ogburn to Kent R. and Kaci Hall, 810 Glen Meadows Parkway, Bedford, $330,000

Filed March 7

  • Tayia L. Morgan to Brigette D. Golden and Kenneth W. Smith, 3184 Maul Ridge Road, Bedford, $235,000
  • Joseph R. and Britteny L. Baker to Mark S. and Norma C. Retzlaff, 1227 Palestine Road, Bedford, $270,000
  • Lloyd E. and Jackie R. Grissom to Nicole D. Staggs, 513 Trinton Circle, Bedford, $160,000
  • John Stewart Bush to Ashley J. Seymour and Raymond M. Poggioli Jr., 75 Martin Hollow Road, Heltonville, $250,000
  • Bryan P. Perry to Cindy Hunter, 120 Perry St., Bedford, $28,500
  • Gary Ray d/b/a Build Rite Construction to Michael and Elizabeth Kelley, 2420 Lucy Lane, Bedford, $290,000
  • Michael J. Meyer D.M.D to Finney Dental RE-Bedford LLC,1504 Dental Dr., Bedford, $375,000

Filed March 8

  • Christine Crecelius to Amanda D. Hawkins, 8106 US Highway 50 W., Mitchell, $175,000
  • Alan R. and Bradley R. Tincher to Bradley Joe and Cynthia R. Fish, 202 N. Pike Rd., Springville, $32,000
  • Jerry Dean and Mistie Dawn Taylor to Phoebe Guan Yi Martinez and Jarrett Patrik Maurer, 309 3rd St., Oolitic, $252,000
  • Ryan M. and Kenzie Mossman to Allan and Regina Shelton, 833 Cassidy Lane, Mitchell, $220,000
  • Diversity One LLC to Beverly Hamer, 950 S. 9th St., Mitchell, $115,000

Filed March 9

  • Scott R. Prince to Wallace Branham, Joe D. Green and Mike Mulcahy, Kenray Lake 2nd Add Lot 80, Patricia Court, Bedford, $5,000
  • Joshua D. and Kirsten L. Stewart to Mark D. and Donna K. Geyer, 5433 Old State Road 37 N., Springville, $320,000
  • Thomas L. Hughes to Michael S. and Lisa R. Reynolds, 255 S. Chase Riffle Road, Williams, $20,000
  • Kaleb Thomas King to Henry Glick, 775 Mahan Road, Bedford, $40,000
  • Warren S. and Janice S. Sims to Cody R. and Brittney Apple, 446 Winegar Road, Mitchell, $75,000
  • Charlotte Kinsey to Ryan Perry and Devyn Burks, 64 Spencer Pike Road, Springville, $60,000
  • Samuel R. Gillespie to Deziree M. Bayron, 1417 22nd St., Bedford, $160,000
  • Air Master Heating and Cooling LLC to Adam Chastain Properties LLC, 708 I St., Bedford, $27,000
  • Nicole L. and Patrick M. Owens to Erin N. Bullock, 718 T St., Bedford, $184,900
  • Michael E. Wood to Lucinda M. Dowling and Sarah E. and Travis D. Grissom, 1009 R. St., Bedford, $146,000
  • Its Always Something LLC to Socrates Montano, 2105 I St., Bedford, $35,000
  • James Wisley Contracting LLC to Sorrells Enterprises LLC, 863 Daisey Lane, Bedford, $458,259.68
  • Sheila Y. Weisheit to Ryan Lynn, 2020 29th St., Bedford, $185,000

Filed March 10

  • Estate of Ralph L. Melvin, deceased to Aubrie Jo Quincy, 407 18th St., $90,000
  • Bobby J. and Amanda J. Richardson to Delbert Gerald McCool III and Desiree Van Der Kleij, 460 Maple Run Estates Blvd., Springville, $370,000
  • Mitchell Medical Clinic LLC to Richman LLC, 2759 State Road 37, Mitchell, $700,000
  • Michael Joseph and Donald Wade to Alan D. and Charlotte A. Watts, 17.1A pt SE SE, Grindstone Hollow Road, Bedford, $64,800
  • Cory Roberts to Terry Pemberton, 607 W. Warren St., Mitchell, $6,000
  • DeAnn A. Inman to Jerry Ford, 702 15th St., Bedford, $49,000