Brazen and bold burglar sentenced to 14 years in prison

MORGAN CO. – A judge sentenced a burglar who police called “brazen” to 14 years in prison.

Colton Hall, 26, learned his sentence Monday following his August 2021 crime spree.

Colton Hall

According to court records, Hall pleaded guilty to burglary with a deadly weapon. Several other charges, including auto theft, residential entry, and an additional burglary count, were dismissed as part of a plea deal.

Hall was sentenced to 14 years in the Indiana Department of Correction and ordered to pay more than $1,100 in restitution to his Morgan County victims. He was also given a habitual offender enhancement.

Investigators called Hall “bold” and “brazen” in carrying out his crimes, entering homes armed with a shotgun.

In some of the crimes, the homeowners were there when Hall entered their homes. One man heard his garage door close and thought his son was returned home but found Hall in the doorway. Hall fled and the homeowner gave chase but was unable to stop Hall who was armed with a shotgun as he entered a vehicle and fled the scene.

In another case, surveillance video showed Hall walking past a homeowner who was asleep in a recliner.

Deputies eventually took Hall into custody after a pursuit involving a stolen vehicle.