ISP warns motorists of upcoming winter weather travel conditions – be prepared

INDIANA – The National Weather Service has forecasted a winter weather system to begin moving across Indiana early tomorrow morning.

This weather system is expected to impact travel in the region from 6:00 a.m. (during the morning commute) and continuing through the early afternoon hours (into the evening commute). Predictions are suggesting the possibility for 6-9″ of heavy wet snow across most of northeast Indiana, with most of Central Indiana being hit the hardest.

With that in mind, the Indiana State Police would remind motorists of a few general winter weather driving suggestions:

  • For road and weather conditions, do not call 911 emergency dispatch centers.  Statewide and local road conditions can easily be obtained by visiting the website. Leave the 911 calls for emergency assistance only.
  • Morning and afternoon commutes may be hazardous.  Plan for extra travel time to and from work tomorrow. 
  • Driving in heavy wet snow requires reduced speeds, increased following distance, and most importantly – wearing your seatbelt and ensuring the kiddos are properly restrained as well.
  • INDOT snow plows will be out in full force keeping our highways clear.  Please give them room to work!
  • If your vehicle becomes broke down, please make arrangements to have it towed immediately. Troopers will be towing abandoned vehicles that are hindering INDOT snow removal efforts.  
  • Should you become stranded on the roadside, have an emergency kit in your vehicle. Charged cellphones, blankets, flashlights, road flares (to mark your location), water, snacks, etc.
  • If involved in a crash, it is best to stay belted inside your vehicle until help arrives.  If the vehicle is drivable, moving off the traveled portion of the roadway or a parking lot is a good idea. 
  • Reconsider travel plans to or from the Indianapolis area on Wednesday.

During any winter weather storm, staying home and off the roadways is always the best plan.  If you must travel, as many of you will, use your best judgment, be prepared, and give yourself plenty of time.  Buckle up and drive safe!