Canine alerts officers to drugs leading to woman’s arrest

BEDFORD – A  Missouri woman was arrested on Sunday afternoon after a Bedford Police officer observed her avoiding eye contact with the officer and “twitching” while he was at Reveres Food & Fuel.

Melissa Henry

The officer asked 38-year-old Melissa Henry if she was okay and she said she had  ADHD and appeared fine. 

The officer left and then observed a red Ford F-150 traveling 40 miles per hour in a 30-mile-per-hour posted zone at 16th Street and Beech streets. 

The driver could not maintain her lane of travel. The officer stopped the driver at 16th and Poplar streets.

The driver was Henry, who did not have a driver’s license.

BPD Canine Zazu alerted the officer to possible drugs in the vehicle. 

 The officer located a glass smoking device and a cellophane wrapper containing meth inside a cigarette pack. 

Henry told the officer she had found the items on the ground and had picked them up.

Henry was arrested on charges of possession of meth and drug paraphernalia and her vehicle was towed by Mikels Towing and Recovery.