City of Bloomington activates new 501c3 Nonprofit to benefit arts, technology/jobs, and housing

BLOOMINGTON – Mayor John Hamilton Friday announced the activation of a new 501c3 nonprofit corporation to advance several initiatives in the interests of the community, especially related to Bloomington in three areas – arts, technology/jobs, and housing.

A memo and draft bylaws and conflicts policy shared with members of the City Council can be found here.

Currently, the City of Bloomington oversees a significant number of major projects that involve city ownership of land and structures that do not involve core municipal services but are vital to Bloomington, its residents, and visitors.

These include arts-sector projects such as the Buskirk-Chumley Theater and the Waldron Arts Center, jobs and technology-sector-related projects such as the Trades District, including the planned federal EDA-funded Tech Center, and major housing opportunities in the new downtown Hopewell neighborhood.

Maintenance of these projects has been spread across City departments and has required expanding department capacity and contracting with specialized services.

Activating a nonprofit is the best path to realizing the full public value of these projects without detracting from the important core work of city departments. The new nonprofit, City of Bloomington Capital Improvements, Inc. (CBCI), will be governed by a five-member board of directors to benefit, perform, and carry out the charitable, educational, and other public purposes of the City of Bloomington. CBCI will also be guided by bylaws and conflicts of interest policies that have been drafted to guide a successful launch and ensure transparency and accountability for this new entity.

Mayor John Hamilton

“The City prioritizes high-quality opportunities and services for residents,” said Mayor John Hamilton, “including the vibrancy of community and culture with our jobs, arts, and housing. Activating this nonprofit will let us pursue very significant opportunities with the focus and attention needed to help maximize our community’s opportunities and potential.”

The next steps will include appointing and convening the CBCI board members and working with City Council in the coming weeks and months to explore funding options and potential property transfers. City departments currently working on initiatives that will become the work of CBCI will work collaboratively and in full partnership with community interests to ensure full participation and engagement.