Man arrested after throwing drugs out of vehicle window

BEDFORD – A Bedford man was detained early Wednesday morning after a Bedford Police officer got behind his Mitsubishi SUV and noticed the driver throwing a bag out of the window, which he later admitted contained methamphetamine.

The officer noticed a vehicle struggling to maintain its lane of travel at 12:49 a.m. as it turned west on State Road 158 from State Road 37 and began to follow him.

Once the driver, 40-year-old Jason Kristan, noticed the officer, police said he began to rapidly increase his speed, before finally pulling over in the 8000 block of State Road 158.

Jason Kristan

The officer said that Kristan at the time was intoxicated, had glassy eyes and was extremely fidgety.

Kristan told the officer he was driving on a suspended driver’s license.

He then failed a mobile analyzer test in which his saliva tested positive for meth and amphetamines, police said.

Officers said they believed Kristan had thrown something from his vehicle while traveling on State Road 158.

Officers searched the area and found a black zipper case that contained a plastic baggie holding 11 grams of meth, a bottle of pills and multiple colored foils and pyramid-shaped objects of acid or LSD.

Later, police said Kristan admitted to throwing the black bag from the window and using meth earlier in the day.

Kristan was taken to IU Health Bedford Hospital for a blood draw and then transported to jail on charges of obstruction of justice, possession of meth, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, OWI endangerment, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving while driver’s license suspended with a prior conviction

His vehicle was towed by Blands Wrecker Service.