IHCDA administers more than 40 federal programs to help Hoosiers

INDIANA – IHCDA administers more than 40 federal programs, many of which help Hoosiers live meaningful lives through housing stability and self-sufficiency, including programs to help Hoosiers improve the quality and health of their homes.

The Weatherization Program provides permanent solutions to keep energy costs low by improving energy efficiency for households across Indiana.

Weatherization can help protect your home from cold, wind, rain, and heat from the sun by adding insulation, sealing cracks, and mitigating moisture. Weatherizing your home is a great way to save hundreds of dollars annually and protect your home for years to come. Aging electrical systems and structural complications can also keep homes from being energy efficient, costing more in heating and utility bills.

If you need assistance with your utility bills this season, visit our website to learn more about the Energy and Water Assistance Programs. Energy costs are predicted to be 17% higher this winter, so we all need to be conscious of how efficient our homes are and how much energy we’re using to keep our homes comfortable.

Visit this website or contact your local service provider to learn more about weatherization and how you can save on your utility bills this winter and beyond.