Niklas Siniard announces his candidacy for the Lawrence County Council District

LAWRENCE COUNTY – Niklas Siniard has announced his candidacy for the Lawrence County Council District 4 seat, for the upcoming election in November.

In a press release, Niklas shared his reasoning to run for the District 4 seat:

I’m Niklas Siniard and I want to be your next Lawrence County Councilman for District 4.

Now is the time for a true constitutionalist in this county! For years the county government has overspent, lost, and overall mismanaged funds. We currently have a deficit that has lasted a few years, pandemic funds were mismanaged, even lost, and the current council has been at the helm for the entire ride. Why would their replacements do any better?

It’s time we elect officals who are not apart of the status quo! My oppenent has shown the public he cannot properly serve this county on the council. It’s time for a shift in course; it is time for you to be bold, and vote gold this November!

Elect Niklas Siniard for County Council!