Fistfight and pocket knife gets man arrested

MITCHELL – A man was arrested Saturday after Mitchell Police officers and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to a 911 call hang up in the 100 block of North 8th Street at 11:19 p.m.

Jesus Mendez

When police arrived, they found 20-year-old Jesus Mendez, of Prairieville, LA., standing in the doorway.

He had a fresh wound to his right eye. His eye was discolored and swollen. There was also blood on his collar. 

A second man was found standing inside the home. He too had injuries to the right side of his face. 

The second man admitted there was a disagreement that took place between him and Mendez,  but “everything was okay now”.  The man would not admit if a physical altercation had taken place. 

Mendez refused to speak to police and said he was going to leave and travel back to Louisiana that night. 

A woman at the home reported that Mendez pulled an open pocket knife on her because she did not tell him who she was texting. She was able to get the pocket knife from Mendez but suffered a laceration on her hand during the incident. She then took the knife and hide it in the bedroom. 

She told police that is when Mendez and the second male, who is her brother, got into a “fistfight”. She said her brother was  “just trying to defend her”. She told police she pulled Mendez off her brother and pulled him outside and told him to calm down. She then entered the home and locked the door. 

Mendez began beating on the door and window and busted the door in.

Mendez was then detained on charges of domestic battery and intimidation. 

The knife was placed in evidence.