Workforce Mental Health Survey is underway

INDIANAPOLIS — The Wellness Council of Indiana, a subsidiary of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, is pleased to announce that the next Indiana Workforce Mental Health Survey is underway.

The online survey assesses business attitudes, knowledge, and practices as they relate to tackling substance misuse and mental health concerns among the workforce.

Jennifer Pferrer
Jennifer Pferrer

“This initiative continues to be integral to the Wellness Council and Indiana Chamber’s ability to deliver the most relevant and proactive assistance to employers across the state,” says Jennifer Pferrer, executive director of the Wellness Council. “The survey and accompanying report will provide organizations across Indiana with critical data that will help us better understand and impact the issues and challenges Hoosier businesses and communities are experiencing.”

The survey will gather information about attitudes and practices concerning mental health and well-being; perceived prevalence and impact of mental health and substance misuse on the workplace/workforce; knowledge of locally available mental health and substance use disorder resources; attitudes and practices affecting workforce social determinants of health concerns; the extent that components of a drug-free workplace program are being administered; and attitudes and practices around substance use disorder prevention and treatment.

This is the third iteration of the Wellness Council of Indiana’s statewide employer survey on the impact of substance misuse on the workforce. Anonymous data collection will take place through October. This data will be supplemented with previous surveys and other secondary data to produce and disseminate a formal report available to organizations across the state.

Employers may visit to access the survey. Management representatives with a company’s organizational knowledge of human resources and benefits are asked to participate.