LCIS declares coin war to raise money for playground fund

FAYETTEVILLE – Lawrence County Independent Schools are hosting a coin war, to help raise money for the playground fund.

From Monday, September 19th, until Friday, October 7th, students can add funds to their classrooms jar in the front office to gain points, and add money to other class jars to deduct points.

Each class will start with zero points and can only add points with coins, dollar bills will be used to deduct points from each class, grades K-8. The class with the most points at the end of the contest gets to choose a staff member at the school to be slimed during the School’s Fall Festival set for October 7th.

How the scoring works:

Adding PointsSubtracting Points
Pennies – One point per penny$1 Bill – subtract 100 points from another class
Nickels – Five points per nickel$5 Bill – subtract 500 points from another class
Dimes – 10 points per dime$10 Bill – subtract 1000 points from another class
Quarters – 25 points per quarter$20 Bill – subtract 2000 points from another class

Students will be bringing home fliers for families to look over, and help raise money for the playground fund.