Bedford Plan Commission approves request to split property into three parcels Tuesday afternoon

BEDFORD – The Bedford Plan Commission met to discuss a request for a minor subdivision at a property located at 3325 and 3327 Washington Avenue, separating the property into three separate parcels.

The full lot of the property located at 3325 & 3327 Washington Avenue

The property has two addresses with a house and a barn, and will be split into separate parcels, with a third plot near the rear of the property, which will remain vacant until the owner either sells the property, or builds a residential home to be rented out.

Concern over the rear property was shared with commission members and a neighbor who is directly to the west of the plot, which has been used for purposes of maintaining “junk” according to the neighbor.

How the property will be split, with the 10-foot easement from Washington Avenue

Additionally, concern over access to the lot is currently available with a 10 foot easement between the two front properties, or the alleyway used by the neighbor, their only access point to their home.

Commission members advised that the alleyway in no way can be blocked or interfered with for them to access their home, and there is no control over what someone does with their properties, to an extent. As long as the property follows city ordinance, nothing can be done from that standpoint.

The neighbor (green) and the alleyway access to their home (yellow)

The property at times housed junk cars and items that brought down the visual of the neighborhood, according to the neighbor. Planning/Zoning Director Brandon Woodward advised that at any point, items that are not allowed on the property can be handled by contacting the city, and if cars are on the property that cannot be driven off can stay for up to 30 days before the police will have it tagged, and removed from the property.

Following discussion, and with the property meeting city code and requirements, the commission approved the request, which will now be sent to the Bedford Board of Works meeting on Monday, September 19th at 4 p.m., located in Brinegar Hall at the StoneGate Arts & Education Center.