Attorney General Todd Rokita continues leading a 19-state coalition fighting for parents’ and women’s rights against Biden’s transgender extremism

INDIANA – Attorney General Todd Rokita is leading a 19-state coalition opposing the Biden administration’s radical rewrite of Title IX rules in a manner that assaults the rights of women and the authority of parents. 

Biden’s proposals diminish women’s rights by redefining “sex” to mean “gender identity.”

Todd Rokita

“Title IX was passed 50 years ago to ensure equal opportunities for women,” Attorney General Rokita said. “But we cannot effectively protect women’s rights if we refuse to acknowledge that there are, in fact, two biologically distinct sexes.”

Attorney General Rokita expresses his strong concerns in a letter to U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardon.

In the letter, Attorney General Rokita notes that Title IX’s very purpose has been to prevent discrimination against girls and women and encourage their increased participation in middle school, high school, and college athletics.

“Now the Biden administration seeks to codify anti-woman prejudice and undo the very protections for which Title IX was created,” Attorney General Rokita said today.

Biden’s proposed Title IX changes also would usurp parents’ authority by allowing school officials to address children’s “gender identity” issues without parents’ knowledge or consent.

“Protecting the rights of parents to direct their children’s upbringing and education is one of my highest priorities,” Attorney General Rokita said. “That’s another reason I am so passionately opposed to this malicious attack by the Biden administration on Hoosier families.”

Without notifying students’ parents or obtaining parents’ agreement, school officials under the proposed new rules could provide counseling to children about gender identity issues. Further, without any parental involvement, schools would be expected to allow children to choose gender identities different from their actual biological sex.

“The total exclusion of parents from these important decision-making processes regarding their own children directly violates Supreme Court precedent from the last 100 years,” Attorney General Rokita said. “This kind of bureaucratic malpractice cannot stand.”

Attorney General Rokita’s 19-state letter to the Biden administration is attached.