Join the HCBS Provider Community Facebook group

INDIANA – The Family and Social Service Administration values partnership with service providers to understand the deepest needs, explore the wildest dreams, generate blue-sky ideas and create a roadmap to make them real.

FSSA created the Indiana HCBS Provider Community Facebook group where providers are seen, heard, and valued. FSSA is here for the deep work. When the situation calls for bandages or quick fixes, we pair it with a commitment to solving the real problems with providers. Indiana HCBS Provider Community is a tool to help FSSA and providers connect and build partnerships every day. To join the group please click here or search for Indiana HCBS Provider Community on Facebook

Indiana HCBS Provider Community is a strategic effort by FSSA to invest in and connect daily with service providers with thoughtfulness, and sustained effort to build a system with and by Medicaid providers, agency owners, and staff, who change lives with boots on the ground.

Let’s come together on the Indiana HCBS Provider Community Facebook group to:

  • Find answers to Medicaid provider FAQs.
  • Receive guidance and examples of provider practices that support choice and autonomy for Hoosiers.
  • Learn new business development skills to grow competitively as an Indiana Medicaid provider.
  • Learn how to become certified as a minority-owned business.
  • Share success stories to highlight providers doing excellent work.
  • Megaphone to FSSA where we can support providers.

Please consider joining the Indiana HCBS Provider Community Facebook group as community and belonging are the future of economies and society.

FSSA belonging statement
Belonging creates the conditions to transform together. Creating a culture of belonging within Indiana Medicaid service providers is the foundation for community, organizational, and system transformation. A rigorous and empathetic process enables the Family and Social Service Administration to build consensus alongside our partners for informed strategies that are inclusive to all service providers and therefore more likely to succeed.