Two correctional officers were promoted at Rockville Correctional Facility

ROCKVILLE  – Rockville Correctional Facility (RCF) Deputy Warden of Operations Stacey Milner is pleased to announce the promotions of Correctional Officers Kacey Fulk and Michael Nichols, each to the rank of Correctional Sergeant. 

Fulk & Nichols
Correctional Officers Michael Nichols and Kacey Fulk promoted.

Sergeant Fulk began her career with the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) at RCF in February 2020. Sergeant Fulk has distinguished herself by taking on additional duties to enhance not only herself but her team. As a Personal Protection Training Instructor, she enables other RCF team members to learn skills necessary for survival in the correctional setting. Of equal importance is her Diversity and Inclusion Training Instructor certification.  In this role, Sergeant Fulk is key to the IDOC commitment to maintaining a culture that celebrates diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging throughout the agency for staff and those incarcerated.

Sergeant Nichols began his IDOC journey at RCF in September 2020. He is a member of RCF’s elite Emergency Squad (E-Squad), a highly trained team of correctional professionals deployable in extreme emergencies to restore and maintain security when necessary. Sergeant Nichols has completed the E-Squad Basic and Leadership Academies, as well as IDOC’s Peer Leadership, and Supervisory Programs.

Fulk & Nichols Group Pinning
Pictured left to right: Lieutenant Nick Bruggeman, Major Randal Smith, Sergeants Kacey Fulk & Michael Nichols, Lieutenant Amanda Burleson, Sergeant Christopher Fogle, and Captain Brent Irelan

Both Sergeants Fulk and Nichols hit the ground running after completing their initial correctional training. Both quickly gained the knowledge and experience to help them hone their skills which in turn made them excellent candidates for promotion consideration. The staff has demonstrated leadership potential as field training officers who are mentors to other staff through their training journeys.   

Deputy Warden Milner remarked, “RCF is lucky to have a pool of outstanding candidates to choose from when promotional opportunities are available. We are confident that Sergeants Fulk and Nichols will continue to shine in their new assignments.”