BNL Junior set to release self help book on Tuesday, August 30th

BEDFORD – Junior year for most High School students, begins the process of receiving letters to colleges, participating in school dances and activities, and preparing yourself for the next step in education leading up to your senior year. One BNL Junior has decided to fast track her future goals, by publishing her second book in two years.

Madalyn Spires

Madalyn Spires began noticing some of her friends were having a difficult time feeling productive or having some sense of accomplishment when it came to their day, something she didn’t relate to.

“I have had the opportunity to learn from books, or from people older than me who have had experiences in feeling lost or trying to find their bearings in life,” said Spires. “I wanted to put the tips I was able to research and learn in my own words, to help anyone who is feeling this way and is in need of direction.”

Her new book, titled Sixteen, helps reign in the stress and overwhelming feelings when it comes to daily interactions or tasks that some may have difficulty with.

Madalyn Spires

“It’s important for people to become their best selves, and it can feel overwhelming at times,” Spires continued. “This book follows 16 steps on how to break the narrative and find yourself again. This is like a cheat sheet to success, from someone who has discovered a way around the pressure.”

Recognizing the need to share her knowledge with the world, Madalyn will be hosting a Live Stream release event on Tuesday, August 30th from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., where those attending can receive the book download for free. This stream will allow attendees to learn more about her and why she put this together. Streams can be found on Madalyn’s Facebook, Instagram pages, and YouTube channel.

Following the Live Stream, the book will be listed for sale and can be reached by messaging Madalyn for an autographed paperback version. The price for the paperback has yet to be determined. Those interested in Madalyn’s first book, can find it on Amazon for a paperback version or Kindle version.