Lawrence County Council amends Lawrence County Fair invoice for repairs to the Farm Bureau building

LAWRENCE COUNTY – The Lawrence County Council amended Bill Spreen’s request for payment of $14,800 to Lester Wagler & Sons Construction LLC for repairs to the Lawrence County Farm Bureau building from July.

The billing sheet for the services provided

As a part of an agreement with Lawrence County Indiana Farm Bureau, the council was required to pay half of the bill for $7,400. During the regular meeting in July, the amount was misinterpreted as the full amount and had to be amended by the Lawrence County Commissioners, to reflect the correct amount.

The council then voted to approve the payment request of $7,400 for the renovations that had been made at the Farm Bureau building at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds.

Lester Wagler & Sons Construction LLC removed and replaced the rotten skirt boards around the building and another skirt board that was adjoined to the building. The boards had rotten over time. They also installed angle brackets beside the post and anchored them into the concrete floor.