Emma Sowders named the Mitchell High School Genius Jock presented by the Attorneys at Pittman Law firm, Greg Pittman and Michelle Woodward

MITCHELL – Emma Sowders, daughter of Matt and Jean Sowders, has been named the Genius Jock at Mitchell High School for the month of August, presented by the Attorneys at Pittman Law firm, Greg Pittman and Michelle Woodward.

Emma Sowders

Emma is a senior at MHS and a valuable member of the Cross Country team. Having played a vital role on the course, Emma’s student attributes are second to none. Maintaining a 4.14 GPA, she is currently ranked fifth in her class.

Maintaining a balance between her grades and competing in Cross Country meets hasn’t been the easiest, but Emma knows it is setting her up for what she wants to pursue in the future.

Emma during a Cross Country event

“I was pleasantly surprised to be named the Genius Jock for Mitchell, I wasn’t expecting anything like this, so it is nice to receive some recognition,” said Emma. “The balancing act can be challenging but it has been worth it so far. I am hoping to go to a school where I can study Psychology and Journalism to become an Investigative Journalist or Forensic Psychologist because I love writing and I am fascinated by the way that our minds work.”

Emma currently takes multiple AP classes and dual credit courses to further her education to set her up for future success in college, and beyond. Setting the example in the classroom, Emma was honored to join Senator Eric Koch at the Statehouse as a Senate Page back in January of 2022.

Emma with Indiana Senator Eric Koch

She was able to spend the day at the Statehouse with seven other High School Students, touring the historic building, observing debates from the Senate floor, and interacting with Senator Koch.

“She embodies the student-athlete profile, and exemplifies what would be categorized as a Genius Jock,” said Mitchell Community Schools Athletic Director, Amos Wegner.