Good Samaritan Hospital will provide ambulance service in Martin County

SHOALS – Martin County Commissioners announced Martin County EMS will no longer provide ambulance services in the county. The commissioners received a message around 10 p.m. on Sunday from Martin County EMS reporting they would no longer be providing their services.

Martin County EMS will continue to provide service for the next 30 days.

Good Samaritan Hospital has now taken over the service that is now in the process getting up and running. The ambulance service will be based at the Martin County Emergency Services Department at the Martin County Fairgrounds and dispatched by the Martin County Sheriff’s Department. Indiana EMS is helping to expedite plans.

The commissioners knew it was a possibility that Martin County EMS would drop their service so plans were in the works to replace them. Jeremy Osborne who was named Emergency Services director began working on a plan to provide emergency services at that time.