Arrest made after Bloomington man makes threats and spits at police officers

BLOOMINGTON — A Bloomington man faces multiple charges when police responded to the 500 block of South College Mall on Saturday after a report of a male harassing people.

One caller reported a shirtless man running around the area threatening people. A second report was made that stated the man threatened to rob someone or a gas station and he would be rich.

Dilian Ozbun

Another caller reported the man was running into traffic trying to make the motorists stop their vehicles.

When police arrived they spoke to Dilian Ozbun. Police say Ozbun was “very agitated and acting sporadically”. He was swinging his arms around and yelling at gas station patrons.

Ozbun walked toward the officers and yelled obscenities. Ozbun was instructed to stop walking into oncoming traffic, but Ozbun continued to walk back into the traffic.

Ozbun was detained and placed in handcuffs. He threatened officers and stated he was “going to murder them and that he had guns to shoot them”.

Police Were able to calm Ozbun and they were able to assist him to his feet, but he attempted to run away. When officers took Ozbun to the ground, he spat at them. The officers placed a spit mask on Ozbun’s face, placed him in a police car and transported him a local hospital for a medical evaluation.

Ozbun continued to resist and was able to remove his hobble and spit mask. While an officer placed the spit mask back on Ozbun’s face, he threatened to find that officer’s house and kill his family.

Once again, Ozbun was able to remove the spit mask and became aggressive. Police had to use four-point restraints to keep him from kicking emergency personnel and officers. Ozbun then threatened to get one of the officer’s guns and kill them.

Ozbun faces charges of disorderly conduct, two counts of battery on a public safety official, three counts of intimidation and a count of resisting law enforcement.