Two new bridges make local road connections over future I-69

INDIANA – Two new bridges over the future I-69 now connect local roads with the Morgan Street and Egbert Road extensions west of S.R. 37. The new overpasses are at Myra Lane and Teeters Road. 

Myra Bridge aerial

Click here for a map of the new access routes.

State and local officials joined First Methodist Church of Martinsville members for a dedication ceremony at the Myra Lane bridge last week. Temporary S.R. 37 driveways for the church and Ozark Fisheries are now closed to the public.

Drivers should stay alert for a new Artesian Avenue traffic signal where Southview Drive and Commercial Boulevard intersect. It’s expected to be activated late this week.

Across I-69, a new Ohio Street traffic signal is expected to be turned on within the coming weeks at the Ruth Rusie Way entrance to the Artesian Way Shopping Center.

The actual starting date and duration for work and any closures may be adjusted if inclement weather or other unforeseen activities occur.

Johnson County

Construction of the new I-69 mainline in Johnson County is reaching a halfway point. Over the coming month, State Road 37 traffic is expected to shift onto more than four miles of new pavement between State Road 144 and Fairview Road. 

The traffic shifts are expected to occur in four steps, starting this Wednesday. Northbound traffic will be reduced to one lane north of Banta Road and should expect delays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. S.R. 37 traffic is urged to slow down and stay alert for the changing traffic patterns. 

I-69 mainline paving

Between each of the four traffic shifts, crews will move temporary barriers and adjust pavement markings to safely shift traffic to the other side of the road with both directions crossing the center median in between. This will allow I-69 Finish Line crews to complete the mainline pavement and bridges.

To view a map of the pavement surface for each section of the project, visit the INDOT Maps webpage. 

Marion County

Gas line installation is expected to close eastbound Banta Road east of S.R. 37 for a few days starting on Wednesday. Edgewood Avenue will temporarily reopen to northbound S.R. 37 for right turns only as an alternate route. Westbound Banta Road access to northbound S.R. 37 will remain open with flaggers.

Banta Road work

A long-term closure of Epler Avenue and Belmont Avenue to through traffic near S.R. 37 is expected to begin after Labor Day.

The detour for local traffic will follow Concord Street, Banta Road and Harding Street.

Johnson County

Crews expect to shift S.R. 144 traffic onto the new bridge over future I-69 after Labor Day, removing another stoplight for S.R. 37. The southbound S.R. 37 exit ramp to S.R. 144 and the S.R. 144 on-ramp to northbound S.R. 37 are expected to open at that time.

SR 144 over future I-69

Northbound S.R. 37 access to S.R. 144 and S.R. 144 access to southbound S.R. 37 will be closed for about three months as crews complete the remaining entrance and exit ramps. The official detour will follow S.R. 37 to the County Line Road interchange.

The Bluffdale Drive and Old S.R. 37 access roads are open and connected west of S.R. 37 from Wicker Road in Marion County to Huggin Hollow Road at S.R. 144. Additional access points to Bluffdale Drive are at Fairview Road and County Line Road.

A dedicated lane was added last week for westbound S.R. 144 traffic turning left onto Old S.R. 37/Waverly Park Road. Turning traffic should yield at the green light and wait for gaps in oncoming traffic.