Intoxicated man throws bowl at another male and is arrested for domestic battery

MITCHELL – A Mitchell man was arrested Wednesday after Mitchell Police deputies responded to a report of a fight at 7:56 p.m. at 220 West Main Street.

When officers arrived they found the two men inside the home. 

Robert Canfield

When officers approached the door they were greeted by 57-year-old Robert Canfield. An officer noted in the probable cause affidavit that Canfield smelled of alcohol. 

The male told officers the other male involved in the fight was not in the house, but he was.  That man told police Canfield had been drinking for days and had torn up the house. He then said Canfield had thrown a glass bowl at him and struck him in the chest. Police say there was a red mark on the male’s chest. Another person at the home told police Canfield had threatened to burn the house down.

The male signed a battery affidavit. Canfield was arrested on a charge of domestic battery. While en route to the jail Canfield told police that he had “been drinking for six days straight”.