Indiana State Fair announces top three 2022 ‘Taste of the Fair’ Winners

INDIANAPOLIS – A returning crowd favorite, the results are in for the Indiana State Fair’s annual culinary competition amongst concessionaires for the Taste of the Fair. Announced this morning at an unveiling at the Fairgrounds, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are taking home a “Taste of the Fair, 2022 Food of the Fair” title and a cash prize.

Entrants of this year’s Taste of the Fair were voted on throughout the Fair by the public since the fair opened and all entries can be viewed via–shopping/taste-of-the-fair. Creativity is key in this annual competition, as vendors push the limits and think outside the box with their bold, creative ideas to vie for a coveted title.

Pizza with dill pickles and a dill ranch sauce topped with mozzarella cheese

The 2022 1st place Taste of the Fair title goes to Pickle Pizza, created by Swain’s Concessions LLC, which will take home $2,500 in prize money. This item features homemade dough with a dill ranch sauce topped with mozzarella cheese, dill seasoning, and dill pickles.

2nd place was awarded to Pretzel Nacho Bites, created by Wilson Concessions, who will leave the fair with $1,000. This item features Wilson Concessions pretzel bites covered in nacho cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, and bacon bits.

The 3rd place winner is Mexican Street Corn in a Cup, created by Wilson Concessions, which will receive $500. This item features roasted sweet corn, mayonnaise, hot sauce, cheese, and Mexican spices.

Just a few days remain for fairgoers wanting to try this year’s Taste of the Fair entries and more – a map can be downloaded by visiting–shopping/taste-of-the-fair. The State Fair is open today through Sunday, August 21st.