Contract Change Order for Umphress Masonry Inc. approved to fix City Hall chimney stacks during Board of Works special meeting

BEDFORD – As a part of the ongoing renovation project for Bedford City Hall, the Bedford Board of Works approved a contract change order with Umphress Masonry Inc. to fix an issue found during the brick repair process during their special meeting Thursday afternoon.

East side of the building with chimney stacks visible

The building has a set of chimney stacks on each side of the building that were not properly anchored to the building, causing part of the building to pull away from itself.

With this issue, Umphress Masonry Inc. will have two employees work on the issue at $60 per day per employee over a maximum of two days (barring any unforeseen issues added to the problem).

North side of the building during the renovation project

Stainless steel anchors will be installed to pull the building back and avoid the issue in the future and will require brick above the top floor windows to be momentarily removed to fix the problem. The board approved the contract change order before adjourning from the meeting.