Springville Community Academy announce construction of “Hornet Highway”

SPRINGVILLE – Construction for the “Hornet Highway” for Springville Community Academy is currently underway in anticipation of their first school year.

The current progress of the Hornet Highway

During their regular meeting on Thursday, July 28th, the SCA School Board approved up to $15,000 to create the roadway, for families to drop their children off and pick them up for school on the north side of the building.

Green route: Drop-off & pick-up entry. Yellow route: Drop-off & pick-up exit

Instructions for drop-off and pick-up include:

  1. Follow the green lines into the drop-off and pick-up areas.
  2. The yellow lines indicate the route to departure after dropping off or picking up kids.
  3. The blue lines indicate locations where cars can wait.
Waiting area for pick-up and drop-off

Additionally, the school board announced that the class limit for Kindergarten has been raised to 30 children and will be split into two classes with 15 students per class. The limit for the fourth grade has been raised to 34 children, and split into two classes as well, with a limit of 17 students per class.

For more information on how to enroll your student, visit www.springville.academy.