IDHS ensures Midway rides are safe at Indiana State Fair

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana State Fair may be known for its animals, food, exhibits, 4-H competitions and so much more. But when you think about the State Fair, surely the many neon Midway rides come to mind just as quickly.

If you’ve ridden a Midway ride, you’ve entrusted your safety to an army of dedicated public safety professionals from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS).

So, before you step foot under the arch of the Midway this year, know that IDHS has spent countless hours permitting and inspecting each ride to make sure it is up to Indiana’s stringent safety standards.

IDHS has the authority to examine all fair rides to keep them safe for eager visitors. In the week leading up to this year’s fair, IDHS Amusement and Entertainment field inspectors and Code Enforcement teams worked with the ride
operations to inspect every seat, every ride, every nut, bolt, and more. A typical IDHS inspection means ensuring the stop buttons work, proper padding is installed as needed, the brakes function correctly and all welded metals are secure.

“These rides are extremely safe. This is not the first inspection that they’ve had this year. They’ve already been inspected twice. This is our third time inspecting them. We’re excited to have a fun and safe state fair,” said IDHS Chief Inspector Matthew Cronley.

These inspections ensure that rides are in ship shape for fairgoers. If a violation is found, IDHS works with the operators to get the problem fixed before anyone gets on the ride. Some violations do not impact the entire ride but rather a single seat on the ride. In that instance, the ride can still operate, but that seat is unusable by the operator.

If you or another spectator are unsure about a ride, you can look for one of two stickers located on each ride. Any ride with a 2022 inspection date has passed the IDHS inspection. The second sticker has the IDHS Elevator and Amusement Permits Section’s phone number listed to report potential dangers. If you have questions about the safety of any of the rides or the ride operator, you can call 1-888-203-5020 and report your concern. IDHS will follow up with each report.

Each day of the fair, IDHS will have a team on-site as a precaution. IDHS will also have a booth at the fair Aug. 17-21 by the Midway. Come see IDHS while at the fair and find information on how to get prepared for an emergency while you ride rides,play games and earn fun prizes.