Orleans Police reminding motorists to watch for school children walking to school

ORLEANS – The Orleans Marshal’s office is reminding everyone that the Orleans School system will resume classes on Wednesday, August 3rd.

Please be alert to the presence of children walking to and from school along with the increased traffic from students who drive to school.

As winter approaches darkness will become a factor for students who ride the buses in the morning hours.

Officers also ask motorists to be alert and cautious of the stop arms on the school buses as they stop to load or unload passengers.

Please help make this a safe school year by diligently driving in a safe and alert manner to avoid a tragedy that can happen in a matter of seconds when drivers are distracted or inattentive.

The law changed on July 1 of 2020 making it a violation to drive with an electronic device in your hand, everyone is required to use hands free technology to communicate while driving.