Lawrence County Jail population at 100 inmates

BEDFORD – Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham announced Tuesday morning at the commissioner’s meeting that the jail population has decreased thanks to the work of judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys.

The population this morning was 100 or at 56 percent capacity.

Sheriff Mike Branham

“I want to thank the courts and the Department of Corrections for getting people who don’t need to be in our local jail out of our facility,” he added.

There are currently 82 males, 18 females, four Level 6 felons and two Department of Corrections holds being held in the local jail.

Tim Sledd
Chief Public Defender Tim Sledd

Chief Public Defender Tim Shedd reported it is a “system-wide engagement” to keep the jail numbers down.

“The judges, the public defender’s office, and the prosecutor’s office are reviewing cases and expediting the process for a faster turnaround,” added Shedd. “It takes everyone – All of us are working on this. We are also staffing initial hearings in Judge Plummer’s court to see if we can come up with a faster turnaround.”

Sheriff Branham reported the crosswalk at the Bedford North Lawrence High School from Stars Boulevard to the soccer field and cross country track is now in place. The Highway Department painted the crosswalk last week.

“I want to thank the safety committee and Commissioner Wally Branham for getting this completed,” said Sheriff Branham. “This was a huge safety problem – a free for all – of individuals just crossing the road anywhere. This will help with safety in the area.”

Courthouse security will be holding an active shooter drill in October.